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​Why should you clean your carpets at least once a year?

Carpet cleaning | Valpro

When you arrive at a friend's place and you might find that their home is well cared for. The wood floors shine and there is no trace of dust or stains that tarnish the beauty of the floor. But how does one assess the cleanliness of carpets that cover the floors of your business or office space? If you do not notice any spots, you will probably conclude that they are clean. Do not be fooled, this is just an appearance. People, without even realizing it, carry a lot of dirt with their boots and their shoes.

The decor, while attractive, does not prevent you from feeling the subtle smell of moisture that permeates from the carpets. In addition, even when new, carpets can hide certain dangers that affect the purity of the air. We are talking about allergens such as mites and certain bacteria. That's why it's important to clean your carpets on a regular basis. But can you effectively clean your carpets using only your vacuum cleaner? It might pick up some surface dirt, but it will not give it a deep clean. That's why using the service of a professional carpet cleaning company can be extremely useful. Let me show you some of the benefits. 1. They use a steam cleaner with hot water at 200 degrees (with a factory truck) and add professional-grade detergent. This removes dirt and dissolves oil and grease stains. You should not forget that these spots often act as a magnet for all other dirt such as dust, hair and more. 2. Because of it's increased power, this machine rinses and sucks the soiled water while diluting the accumulation of grease. Once, completely eliminated, your carpet will keep its freshness longer. 3. The effectiveness of these professional devices also prevent an accumulation of detergent that could be harmful to your family and pets. 4. The quality of the work that professional carpet cleaning companies offer can also help you avoid breathing problems that some people may experience while removing dust, allergens and mould from your carpet. 5. Finally, vacuuming and keeping your carpet clean will be easier if you clean your carpet at least once a year. In conclusion, yes you can clean it yourself, but nothing beats an annual professional maintenance of your carpets. This will prolong the life of your carpet and prevent it from premature wear. Valpro specializes in commercial and residential carpet cleaning. Contact us for more information!


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