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Area Rug Cleaning


There’s clean... and there’s really clean! At Valpro Cleaning Services we overlook no details when it comes to the maintenance of your area rugs in Montreal.
Our team goes above and beyond to revitalize your area rugs, pick them up and deliver them for free and make sure you are completely satisfied throughout the process. You can also benefit from professional repair and fringe repairs, or request the application of mothproofing and stain proofing treatments. For your peace of mind, your area rug is fully insured as long as it is in our possession. We strongly recommend having your carpets cleaned in the workshop. For more information, 
call us!


Les services d’entretien Valpro was proudly associated with Sears from 1992 to 2017.

A Process Adapted to Each Carpet

Thanks to our process, dirt, stains and odours disappear while the fibers are respected and treated appropriately, according to the type. Valpro Cleaning Services specializes in the care and protection of delicate fibers such as wool and silk. Oriental carpets, whether they be Persian, Indian, Chinese or other, are all made with specific weaving and dyeing processes. We give your rug the real spa treatment, deep cleaning it delicately and perfectly down to the most sophisticated details.

Oriental Rugs in Perfect Condition

Oriental rugs are true works of art, with rich colours and patterns that illuminate any room and become more valuable over time. Using our know-how is the surest way to preserve the beauty of this precious element of your décor. At a minimum, plan an annual cleaning and vacuum the carpet regularly to prevent dirt from becoming encrusted and destroying the fibers.

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