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Our Company

A Highly Motivated Team, to Serve You

Valpro Cleaning Services staff work as if they were part of your team, performing each task with pride and completing your list of requests the way you want it done, every time.


An Experienced Family Business

Valpro Cleaning Services was founded in 1975. Our family-owned company is dedicated to providing you with outstanding cleaning services in Montreal. We are specialists in residential and commercial cleaning. To take advantage of our expertise and obtain a free estimate, simply give us a call!


At Valpro Cleaning Services, we prioritize communication with customers: we make sure we understand your cleaning needs and offer a quality of response not seen anywhere else in the industry. We are committed to monitoring the progress of each project, ensuring your satisfaction and continuously improving our efficiency.

  The on-site worksheet is a way to continuously document your requests and interventions.

  Regular inspections help maintain the highest level of cleanliness and provide consistent feedback.

  Our team at Valpro Cleaning Services is easy to reach if a specific need arises: we will adapt to circumstances as they evolve.

Staff with a Rigorous Ethic

At Valpro Cleaning Services, we follow a rigorous selection process: only the most qualified and trustworthy people will work to keep your business clean. We continually train our employees and our methods are constantly evolving, as we enjoy the benefits of every innovation in the field of cleaning services to ensure that your business is always presented in the best light.


1975 : Founding
Since 1975, Valpro Cleaning Services has kept the buildings and premises of some of the most demanding institutions and businesses clean. With his extensive experience in the maintenance sector, the Founding President has always worked to preserve the reputation of his company by ensuring perfect execution of the mandates entrusted to him, by constant communication with the company supervisors.

1986 : Merger
Les nettoyages de tapis Guy Bourdon was the first carpet cleaning company in the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield region. When this company merged with Valpro, it brought with it more than 15 years of experience in the field of carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning.

1987 : Development
Having great expertise in the field of hard floor maintenance, Valpro Cleaning Services developed a propane gas polisher and became the first manufacturer of this type of polisher in Canada. Valpro polishers have been distributed across Canada and the United States, and in some European countries.

1992 : Experience

Valpro Cleaning Services operated Sears carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning franchises throughout the province of Quebec and eastern Ontario.

2010 : Expansion

Valpro Cleaning Services expanded to the United States by opening a branch in the city of Las Vegas, with a dynamic team of experts in the field of carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture and ventilation ducts. It has always been agreed that the growth of the company will never be at the expense of the quality of company operations.


2017 : Partners of Sears from 1992 to 2017

Valpro Cleaning Services was a proud partner of Sears from 1992 to 2017. Today, the residential sector is an integral part of our business.

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