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Floor Care​


Proper floor cleaning is important to the appearance and safety of your store, especially if you have a lot of customer traffic. The accumulation of dust, water and other objects can discolour floors and pose a risk of slipping and falling. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our commercial floor maintenance experts in Montreal and surrounding areas will give your floors a rich and lasting shine.

Bring Your Floors to the Next Level

We offer complete finishing services for newly installed floors. These services include removing glue stains left after installation, polishing and much more. Our polish offers high resistance and a higher level of shine. Also, you can rely on our ceramic and grout cleaning services. Call us today for more information.

Floor Stripping

Our specialized team offers deep stripping for your floors:

Neutralization of the floor with an appropriate product

Application of the floor finish (number of layers varies depending on the type of coating)

Polishing the floor using an ultra high-speed propane polisher

Delivery of the project in the same day

Restore the Luster of Your Floors

We clean ceramics - joints and grout - following these steps scrupulously:

Prepare the floor

Apply the necessary product using sprayer

Let product act for a few minutes

Brush hard access corners with a brush

Extract impurities using a rotary pressure system

Aspirate impurities with a factory truck

Neutralize the floor

Delivery of the project is done in the same day.

A Service Required in Many Workplaces

Our tile and grout cleaning service is particularly suitable for places such as restaurant kitchens. Indeed, due to strict rules in catering, these establishments must keep their kitchens clean and our system is an effective way to achieve this. Our many achievements also include restaurant washrooms, shopping malls, institutions and factories.

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