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Mattress Cleaning


Nothing beats a clean mattress. Think of all the time you spend sleeping and the impact of a good sleep on all the other activities of your life! Valpro Cleaning Services are your best ally in the Montreal area: mattress cleaning is just as much our specialty as carpet care, upholstered furniture and vents.


Les services d’entretien Valpro was proudly associated with Sears from 1992 to 2017.

We Rid Your Mattress of Mites

Mattresses are a favourite spot for mites, which can cause asthma attacks and allergies that can affect the health of your entire family. These unwanted bugs are one of the reasons why it is important to ensure the regular maintenance of mattresses for yourself and your children.

Returns and Warranty

When you want to return a mattress to a manufacturer, the latter requires the invoice of a cleaning service carried out as proof. Valpro Cleaning Services provide you with quality cleaning solutions for all your needs.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

The steam cleaning method applied by Valpro Cleaning Services kills microorganisms, removes stains and all traces of living or dead mites. In addition, mattress cleaning is often required for warranty returns. The proven and recognized effectiveness of our process can help protect your investment ... and your health.


To learn more and book our services, contact us!

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