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Carpet cleaning



At Valpro Cleaning Services, we offer impeccable carpet cleaning residential services in and around Montreal, directly at home or in the workshop. For a turnkey cleaning solution, contact us!


Les services d’entretien Valpro was proudly associated with Sears from 1992 to 2017.

Residential Carpet Cleaning…​

We travel to your home thanks to our factory trucks that deploy all the power necessary to clean your carpets and rugs thoroughly. In addition, we have portable machines for washing carpets in areas that are not accessible to our factory trucks, such as those in the highest floors of buildings. For your area rugs, we have methods that respect the most delicate fibers and retain all their beautiful patterns and colours.

… and Much More

With our steam cleaning method, the effectiveness of which is well established, we can also make your upholstered furniture perfectly clean, from the couch to the chairs, without forgetting your mattresses. Do not expect anything less than the best and be proud of your interior décor again!

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