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Why It’s Important to Entrust Cleaning at Heights to the Experts

Regular maintenance of windows in a commercial or rental building is essential for curb appeal. However, window cleaning at heights is a delicate – not to say perilous! – task that you should entrust to professionals. In this blog article, we present the 3 main advantages of doing business with a specialized company to clean glass surfaces at heights.

1. Our window cleaning experts have the right equipment Choosing to take care of the cleaning of your windows at heights requires the purchase (or rental) of specialized equipment that is expensive to say the least. Bucket trucks, telescopic squeegees, safety harnesses, hydraulic platforms, ladders ... depending on the complexity of the task at hand, professional cleaners have all the necessary tools on hand to carry out their work according to the rules of the art, even in the most difficult places to access! 2. The professionals know the safety rules for cleaning at heights CNESST makes various recommendations to contractors specialized in work at heights. Since there is a real risk of falling, employees must be sure to follow very strict rules to avoid accidents. Companies that specialize in working at heights (Valpro Cleaning Services, in particular!) know these rules and systematically apply them. 3. Window cleaning specialists guarantee an impeccable result Like all companies, professional cleaning companies have a clientele to build and, of course, a reputation to keep! Thus, if they take the risk of "cutting corners" by cleaning the windows of an office tower too quickly or with inefficient products, for example, they will lose several contracts and, sooner or later, will have to close up shop. It's a fact: to remain competitive, a cleaning company must have a “spotless” reputation! For Clean, Clear Windows, Trust Our Know-How! At Valpro Cleaning Services, we offer top quality cleaning services. We can make the windows and mirrors of your home or business shine in many cities in Quebec (Chateauguay, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Montreal, the West Island and the surroundings), both inside and outside buildings. Contact us for an estimate! Valpro Cleaning Services: window cleaning services to meet your expectations!


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