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The Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Finally spring is at our doorstep. Cooped up all winter, we need more sunlight and to breathe fresh air. To achieve this, we open our windows and start our "spring cleaning". You might find this work tiresome and boring! But did you know that this cleaning, that you consider a chore, will have many positive aspects on your health? To name a few, it will help reduce your allergies, reduce your stress, help you sleep better and finally give you a feeling of satisfaction.

Ho can spring cleaning help reduce your allergies ? Although you might occasionally open your windows during the winter, your home retains moisture from the bathroom, animal hair, hibernating insects and especially mold. All can be irritants to people who are sensitive to allergies. After the winter, we can probably say that the pollution is greater inside the house than outside. To avoid the inconvenience that these difficulties may cause, a few simple solutions can help: you must undergo a deep cleaning of the bathroom, basement and garage to eliminate any mold that could have settled in there. Then vacuum the carpets, furniture and chairs to remove dust that is a major cause of allergic reactions. Finally, you will find that tidying up the house and cleaning it will give you the impression breathing better and therefore, to feel healthier. How can such a simple task reduce stress? In a world where we are always on the run, where our minds are always racing a hundred miles an hour, without ever stopping, doing our spring cleaning becomes a kind of release that lets our stress escape. The simple task or cleaning allows you to stop thinking and empty your mind. Take 15 to 20 minutes of your day to tidy up the house. This can help you to do the same in your mind. By cleaning, add some essential oils and soft music, you will be surprised how this can give you a feeling of well-being. Can housework really help me sleep better? Your room, your bed and its surroundings are your refuge that you turn to after a full day of work and stress. Not only do you want a calm environment, but above all, you want a serene place that will allow you to sleep peacefully. How would that be possible if your room is a mess? Some have found that a clean and tidy room and a well-made bed promote better sleep conditions. So, if you're having difficulty sleeping, get up, clean up your mess, change your sheets and add a calming spray, this will definitely help you fall asleep. In conclusion, even if you consider cleaning your house as a very boring chore, you will find it extremely satisfying to live in a clean and fresh smelling house. You will feel more energetic and it may even help you avoid depression. So don't hesitate to take the time and "do your spring cleaning". But if you're lacking time and energy, do not hesitate to call on our professional spring cleaning services. Contact us to learn more about our housekeeping services!


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