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Maintenance of Large Commercial or Residential Areas: 7 Factors to Consider

Offices, workshops, warehouses, factories... to make sure they remain healthy places to work, these spacious areas need regular thorough cleaning. At Valpro Cleaning Services, a company offering commercial housekeeping services, our specialized teams are able to perform high quality work to wash your floors, windows, carpets, etc. Read on for the seven main things to consider when it comes to large area maintenance.

1. Floors Wood, concrete, metal, vinyl, stone or ceramic, floors are always put to the test. Especially in bad weather, when hundreds of pairs of wet and muddy shoes tramp over them! Cleaned, washed and waxed by experts, your floors will be safe and will retain their original appearance for a long time. 2. Walls Fingerprints, splashed liquids of all kinds and dust can significantly tarnish or even damage wall coverings. An efficient washing done by professionals will restore their luster! 3. Windows and Mirrors Dirty mirrors and windows give a very bad image of your business or your home. Cleaning the windows without leaving a trace is our specialty at Valpro Cleaning Services. Whether indoors or outdoors, we are always up to the task! 4. Carpets and Rugs Carpets accumulate not only moisture, dust mites and dirt, but also odours. Deep steam cleaning will work wonders! 5. Upholstered Furniture Armchairs, seats, benches, footstools... it’s not always easy to clean upholstered furniture! Fortunately, our teams have the tools to make them like new. 6. Equipment and Cabinets Industrial machines, computers, lighting, decorative objects, plumbing fixtures ... nothing must be overlooked! Disinfecting and polishing office furniture and filing cabinets, among other things, is definitely part of a well thought out maintenance plan. 7. Ventilation Ducts Clean air is essential to ensure the health of people who work – or live – in your building. Regular cleaning of the vents is not a luxury – quite the contrary! For a Tailor-Made Maintenance Plan for Your Large Spaces, Call on Us! Whether you're in charge of maintaining a commercial space or you own a big house, trust Valpro Cleaning Services to make your space clean and sanitary. Contact us for an estimate!


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