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​How to keep the dirtiest places in your offices clean?

​Comment garder propres les endroits les plus souillés de vos bureaux ? | Valpro

When you arrive at the office, you start your day by turning on your computer and the printer, putting your snacks in the fridge, making coffee and finally, stopping at the bathroom. If you haven't had the time to eat, you may grab a muffin at the vending machine and then eat it, of course, at your desk. Do you know that this routine puts you in touch with thousands if not millions of germs that can make you sick and thus affect your productivity at work? Let's take a closer look at what we are getting dirtier and see the possibilities that will allow us to counter this problem. 1. The keyboard of the computer Some studies say that the toilet bowl and the keyboard of your computer are the two objects that attract bacteria and mites in equal proportions. We're talking about 4000 germs per square inch on your keyboard! If you know the proper technique and the liquid to use, you will find it easy to clean your keyboard. You can turn it upside down to remove the various residues accumulated between the keys. You can then wipe it off with a cloth and some disinfectant solution. This will give you a clean and germ-free keyboard. 2. Computer, printer and vending machine buttons Computer, printer and vending machine buttons all prove to be a great source of contamination. Sick or not, you touch it several times a day and transmit, unwillingly, all the germs that you carry. In the case of computer and printer buttons, you will find it effective to use a high-quality disinfectant solution or apply an antimicrobial screen to prevent contamination. In the case of the vending machine, you can conventionally wash the buttons or install an antimicrobial screen. 3. The refrigerator handle Hundreds of people use the refrigerator for various reasons. Often they will touch the handle and therefore spread germs if it is not cleaned well. Washing your hands every time you open the refrigerator is the best solution, but it will not work for everyone. To prevent the spread of germs, you should vigorously wash the handle and the surface of the fridge with a high-quality disinfectant. 4. The handle inside the toilet stalls Warning ! You must sterilize the handle and the lock inside the toilet stalls as soon as possible. Many fail to wash their hands after using the toilet. Because of this, you will often see fecal matter and other unhealthy particles settle on the handle or the lock of the toilet stall door. Toilet cleanliness must be a priority because it is home to millions of unwanted germs. In fact, the toilet and the doorknob should be cleaned up to five times a day. Cleaning staff should be asked to clean the handles inside the bathrooms. 5. The top of your desk Many people eat at their desks. Often there can be leftover food, spilled liquids, used napkins, paper cups and utensils that turn out to be a nest of germs. Do not be fooled, wiping your desk with a damp cloth is not enough. Instead, use a quality disinfectant solution to clean it daily. Wipe the surface in the morning on arrival and the evening before leaving. If you use an office cleaning service, tidy up the surface of your desk. This will make their cleaning job much easier. We can, therefore, conclude that, if you have the right disinfectants, a few small actions will be enough to prevent the spread of germs throughout the office. And with these actions, we can all contribute to the health and wellbeing of our employees or co-workers. To ensure that your office is kept clean, it can be important to hire professional office cleaners. Valpro has more than 40 years of commercial cleaning experience. It will be our pleasure to help you keep your workplace clean. Contact us to learn more about our janitorial and commercial cleaning services.


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