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How often should you do your housekeeping? The cleaning schedule by day, week, month & year

Let's take a look at how often we should do our housekeeping to keep our house clean.

Daily maintenance This list will allow you to accomplish the most important chores with greater ease. Remember to clean up any mess that you made as fast as possible, even before starting any of the following daily routines: 1. Make the bed 2. Clean the coffee maker 3. Wash the dishes 4. Remove dirt from kitchen countertops, bathroom and table. 5. After taking a shower, clean the surfaces with the squeegee. If you still have time, you can 6. Do some laundry 7. Sweep the kitchen and bathroom floors. 8. Disinfect the sinks by filling them with hot water in which you put 1 tablespoon of bleach. After 5 minutes, drain and wipe them off! Now, let's take a look at our weekly tasks! These tasks will take several days to accomplish and may take some planning to fit into your schedule. 1. Wash kitchen and bathroom floors 2. Wash the different bathroom surfaces 3. Clean the mirrors, dust the furniture 4. Sweep or vacuum the floors. 5. Change the sheets on the beds, remove expired products from the refrigerator 6. Clean the appliances as well as the microwave. 7. Disinfect the sponges by putting them in a gallon of water and a ¾ cup of bleach for 5 minutes. Monthly Housekeeping 1. Vacuum ducts and mouldings (week # 1) 2. Dust and wash lightbulbs and ceiling lights (Week # 2) 3. Remove dust from the blinds (week 3) 4. Clean the dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum cleaner (week 4) Housekeeping to be done every three to six months 1. Clean the refrigerator and freezer 2. Wash the inside of the oven and the stove hood 3. Sweep underneath and behind the furniture 4. Wash the shower curtain, pillows and comforter 5. Vacuuming the mattresses 6. Descale the coffee maker with white vinegar 7. Clean the patio table and chairs 8. Freshen up the inside of the garbage cans 9. Wash the car Housekeeping to be done annually 1. Sweep the chimney 2. Thoroughly clean the carpets and clean the sofas 3. Clean the windows 4. Have the air ducts cleaned 5. Clean draperies and curtains 6. Remove dirt from the gutters Of course, this schedule is very flexible and helps to establish the most important things to maintain. But sometimes, we might not have enough time to do all these chores and would prefer calling a housekeeping specialist. Valpro is your specialist for: spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture cleaning, ventilation duct cleaning and window cleaning. It will be our pleasure to help you keep your house clean. For more information about our professional cleaning services, contact us!


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