Duct Cleaning

We perform the cleaning of air ducts by Drive and Suction. We connect our suction unit to the main pipe near your system. Once that done, we go through each vent with our air compressor to push the dirt into our device. We also clean the grids before replacing them. If you choose the application of a germicide, we spray this product in each vent.

Breathe Clean Air at All Times

The quality of your indoor air is important for your health and that of your employees and family. You need to eliminate the allergens that are trapped in your air ducts. Whether for heating ducts, air exchangers or dryer vents, our team at Valpro Cleaning Services can help.

We know that poorly maintained ventilation systems can cause more serious long-term problems, so we give your ducts a thorough cleaning. Regular thorough cleaning will also extend the life of your ventilation system.

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